The Order List

By default, the latest 5 orders are displayed on the Dashboard. Even though you can view the orders from there and quickly update their status, to really find out what Arpastart eCommerce is capable of, you will need to go to your  Order Page. On this page, every order made in the store is listed in detail.

You can get to the Order page by navigating to  Sales & Customers > Orders.

The Order Page will show you all the orders you have in your queue. You can sort the order list by clicking on the blue table headings.

The Order Details column shows you a quick summary of the order info. The top line (product line) shows the  total number of unique products on the order and the total quantity ordered.

The bottom line displays the  Shipping Method selected on the order.

If you hover over the product line, a popup will show you detailed information about the  products on the order, the order comments if the customer has added them and the payment method used. This is very handy for quick reference.

Order Actions

Now let’s have a look at the  action buttons on the top of the Order page.

By default, most of these buttons are  disabled until one or more orders are selected.

Export Orders for Australia Post – exports a CSV file of selected orders for eParcel portal upload

Update Status – starts the Quick Status Updater

Print Shipping List – prints picking lists for all selected orders

Print Invoice – prints invoices for all selected orders

Delete – deletes the selected orders

Add New – creates a new order

The Filter is a very handy feature and is used regularly throughout the admin pages. You can enter search criteria in any of the fields in the filter. Pressing the  Filter button then filters out all the items in the list that do no match the criteria you entered, leaving only the items that match.
You can very quickly find an order for a particular customer or find all orders with a specific order status.

Each individual order in the list has some  action buttons assigned.

Please note: The Amend button has been removed. All Amend functionality is now accessible through Edit.

To view an order, use the  View button. Amend gives you the same view, but the ability to update selected fields.

Edit opens the default edit screen and Delete deletes the order. We generally advise against using Edit and Delete. In most cases, if an adjustment is required, it is better to cancel that order and place another with a reference to the other relevant invoice numbers in the comments fields.

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