Order Workflow

Order processing is the workflow relating to picking, packing and delivering your products. You can look at it in a broader sense: The way your business responds to customer orders

In Arpastart eCommerce, a customer order is at the centre of the information flow. Orders have Order Statuses help you plan, manage and monitor the flow of products from your warehouse to your customers. Depending on your transport company, tracking of the delivery through the logistics network is also supported. 

The order processing workflow is different for each business, so Arpastart eCommerce allows you to completely customise order statuses and order workflow. 

The order status names you select should be descriptive enough to help both you and your customer track the order in the order fulfilment cycle. Below is a very simple diagram of an order processing workflow, from order creation to customer delivery. We keep the order in a Pending status until the payment is either automatically or manually confirmed. When payment is confirmed, we change the status to a Processing status. It means that we are physically picking and packing the items. 

When picking and packing has been completed and the order is ready for transport, we change the order status to Shipping

We set the order status to Completed only after successful delivery has been confirmed.

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