The Order Details Page

At the top right of the order details page, you will see some more action buttons.

These buttons allow you to quickly Print the invoice, Resend the confirmation email and Print the Shipping List.

Order Details tab

This is a basic overview of the order information such as order status, order number, total, and basic customer contact information.

Payment Details

This tab provides you with the payment details including the billing information as well as the method of payment.

Shipping Details

Here you can find the shipping method and the shipping address.


This tab provides you with a list of the products purchased as well as the total amounts on the order. You can add additional products and add discounts using the Add New buttons on the lower left-hand side. 

You can view each product on the order in detail using the view button and the delete button removes the product from the order.

Add Order History

Here you can see a history of actions on the order. This is also where you can manually update the Order Status and select if the customer is notified of the status change in status. Use the Add History button to commit the changes.

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