Processing Orders

We have applied an order status filter (Payment Received) on our Order List after navigating to Sales & Customers > Orders. So we now see our list of Payment Received orders, that we know we can process. 

 We want to process these all at once, so we will select all the orders and we will print the Shipping List, which we use as a pick list.

While the Shipping List is sent to the printer, we will print all the Invoices to include in the parcels. We still have all the orders selected, so it is just a button press.

Lastly, we Update the Status of all the orders by pressing the update status button. 

Since we are changing the status to Processing and no tracking numbers are known yet, we can just hit Save & Close to update the Statuses.

The status of our orders is changed to Processing and all the customers are notified.

And an example of an update email to the customer.

As soon as we have confirmation of the orders that have been picked and packed in full, we go back to our Order List, select all the orders we want to ship, and click the Update Status button. We can now also include Tracking and Transport details.

If you have set up the email notification using the shortcodes to notify the customer of their tracking details, their notification could look like this:

If all the orders are shipped in full, we are done.

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