Split Shipments

Let's assume for a moment that we do not have enough stock to fill an order. What do we do? Simple, we split the order, send the goods we have and ship the remainder when our stock has replenished. 

Before we get started on this, I want to clearly state that Part Shipment is a purely manual process. There are no automatic reminders, we just give you some tools to manage and track Split Shipments. 

After processing most of the orders, we are left with a single order where (for whatever reason) we do not have the stock to fill the whole order. Let's have a look at the order by clicking the View button

On the Products tab, we can see there are two iMacs on order, and we only have one left in our warehouse. 

I know we have more stock coming, but not today or tomorrow, so after talking to the customer I decide to process this order as a Split Shipment. To do this, click the Split Shipment button from on the Order Details page. 

This brings up our Split Shipment processing screen. 

In particular, look at the product section on this screen. The text box that indicates how many of each product will be on this shipment. 

Since we can only dispatch 1 at this stage, let's change the quantity to 1 and click on the Process Split Shipment button. You can see the system updated the order to a Part Shipment status, and it tells us this shipment includes 1 unit and there is another unit to follow

Now let's fast forward in time to just after we had a delivery of iMacs, and we now have enough stock to fill the rest of the order. We have applied an order status filter ( Part Shipment) on our Order List after navigating to Sales & Customers > Orders. I can now see the list of Part Shipped orders, that still need some form of processing. 

Again, we use the Viewbutton to get to the Order Details page, where we can click the Split Shipment button to get to the Split Shipment processing page. 

The system has already pre-filled the remaining quantities of all the products on the order. In this example, we will ship the balance of the order, so I can just click the ProcessSplit Shipment button. 

The screen will be updated to reflect that we have now shipped 2 units, and that there are no more to follow

The order is now marked as Shipped (in full).

If someone tries to ship another unit after this, or tries to ship 2 units when only 1 was required, the system will give you a warning message and will not allow them to process the transaction.

If an order contains multiple products, the split shipment screen will display each product individually in the same way. 

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