Logging In

Every Arpastart eCommerce website has a front end and a back end. The Front end is the store that your customers visit. The Back-end is the administration center where you manage your products, your orders, and everything else you might do in your online store. To log in to your admin area, append forward slash + admin to your URL. 

So whatever your domain name is, just add /admin to the end. The login screen should load. 

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be greeted by your dashboard. Staff members can be given a restricted view, allowing them to access the tools they need to process orders and manage customer details without exposing sensitive store information. 

 This dashboard clearly shows that the user that I am logged in as does not have any permissions at all. They cannot even view the dashboard. All the functional areas of the store, which are the items in the left-hand admin menu, are only displayed if you have permission to access them. This way, if you set up a user to only be able to view orders, this is the only thing they will see in their menu, apart from our support centre links. Before we log in as a user with more permissions, let's have a look at the top menu bar. On the very left is the admin menu toggle button. You can expand and collapse the sidebar by clicking the toggle icon in the top left corner of the screen. 

Collapsing the sidebar is very useful on tablets and smaller screens, but on a large desktop, it can also be a little bit less distracting to have it minimised. To the right is our GST calculator. Depending on how you set up taxes in your store, this calculator might come in really handy. 

Enter your price, decide whether you need to add or subtract GST and the subtotal, GST portion and total including GST are automatically calculated. 

Next to the calculator is the notification centre. It gives you a quick snapshot of order, customer, product and affiliate activity. 

Next to that are the links that will take you to your store front. Arpastart eCommerce is a multi-store platform, so if you have multiple stores, you will need to select the one you want from the list. 

And on the very right is the logout button

Let's log out now and we will log in as a different user with more permissions. This admin user has access to everything in the ENTERPRISE edition of Arpastart eCommerce. As you can see, the dashboard looks very different. 

The admin menu is grouped into functional areas. Each area contains access to functions or pages of the store you would logically use when performing particular actions. So under Product Catalogue, for instance, you will find links that relate to creating new products and editing products. Also, some tools to help you do it in Bulk or just faster. Out of Stock Manager helps you identify Out of Stock items and customer interest. You can approve product reviews. And a few basic reports are included, as that might help with decisions you need to make. 

What you see under the Support Centre link is based on your needs, but usually it includes at least:

  • a way to quickly contact our support staff
  • a link to how to guides and videos
  • a link to our blog, where we post handy tips and ideas to help you run your online store

Now that you know how to log in, know where to find things on your dashboard, and you know how to log out, we are ready to proceed.

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