Image Editor

By default, the image editor opens up in the folder you last used. The first time it will open in the image home folder, which is called catalog. If you ever need to go back to this top level folder you can either press CTRL + HOME on your keyboard or use the Home button in the top left-hand corner. 

If you right-click on a blank space in the image editor, a contextual menu opens, with some of the basic functions you can perform. You will notice that the icons for these actions also appear in the top bar of the image editor. 

There is also a contextual menu available if you have an image selected and right click

Let's upload a file first. You can do this a few ways. You can right click and select Upload Files. You can click on the Upload Files icon in the top menu bar. 

But you can also use our favourite way. The CTRL + U (for Upload) keyboard shortcut. It allows you to browse to your files with the button on the bottom, but it also allows you to drag and drop images; even paste them in the top area

Once uploaded, you can assign the image by right clicking and selecting Add selected to product, or finding the same icon in the top menu bar. You can do this with one or multiple images selected. 

You can also just select the image and hit the Enter (or Return) button on your keyboard. Here is a list of our favourite keyboard shortcuts for the image manager: CTRL+ENTER = Rename Image ENTER = Assign Image to Product CTRL+U = Upload Images with Drag and Drop CTRL+SHIFT+N = Create New Folder SPACEBAR = Preview of the selected image F5 = Refresh page (sometimes helpful after uploading)

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