Creating a New Product

We are really excited to finally get to the product section. Products are at the core of every Arpastart eCommerce store. Without products, there would be no store. To get to the product management section of your store, select Product Catalogue > Products from the admin menu. A list of products should appear in alphabetical order.  

You will notice there are three buttons on the top right-hand side of your screen: Add New, Copy and Delete

The Add New button allows you to create a new product from scratch. Let's start by adding a very basic product. This is the minimum information you will need to sell a product in your store. It might not sell well, but we will fix that later. For now, we need:

  • Product Name
  • Product Image
  • Sell Price
  • Quantity available for sale
  • The Tax Class (GST or no GST)
  • The category the product belongs to, so visitors can find it

In our example will add an iMac Retina. We have 100 units sitting in our warehouse. We have an image, it sells for $2250.00 including GST, and it is a Desktop Computer.

Click the blue Add New button in the top right-hand corner. A blank Product Details form opens up with the General Tab selected. 

You might notice some 'floating' action buttons in the top right-hand corner. They will stay in the same position, no matter how far you scroll down the pages. 

Save & Exit will save your changes and return you to the Product List. Save & Keep Editing will save your changes, but you will stay in the Product Details form. Cancel will disregard anything you may have entered and return you to the Product List. NOTE: It is important to mention here that if you let the system generate the Model, it does so when you click Save & Exit. If you click Save & Keep Editing when there is no Model, you will get the following error: 

On the General tab, we will add the Product Name. We will leave the Model blank, so the system will auto generate that for us. 

On the Price & Qty tab, we will add the Price and the Quantity we have for sale. When we initially set up the store for you, we will configure the Tax Classes you require. If you decide against using taxes in the system, just leave the Tax Class as is. No changes are required. In this example, we will tell the system that this product attracts GST by selecting the GST Tax Class

TIP: Use the GST calculator to find the price exclusive of GST if you only know the price inclusive of GST. I know that the iMac Retina sells for $2250.00 including GST, so I quickly calculated the ex-GST price as $2045.45 

On the Data tab, we will add a Product Image. This image is referred to as the main image. The system will generate a thumbnail of this image and it will be used anywhere this product is displayed in the store. Click on the image thumbnail to activate the Action menu. From here you can Add, Edit or Delete an image. Click on the blue Edit button to open the image manager and upload and assign an image to our product. We will look at some of the basic functionality of the image editor in the next section. 

On the Links tab, we will assign our iMac Retina to the Desktop category by clicking in the Categories text box and selecting the right category from the drop down list. 

Now we save our new product using the Save & Exit button in the top right of the screen and our new product is ready. 

Our new product is now available in our product list.

We can also go to the store, navigate to Desktops and there it is, our newly created product.

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