Attribute Structure

A product attribute is a characteristic that defines a particular product. Adding attributes to products in your store can greatly affect your customers’ buying decisions. When viewing products in your store, customers have the option to add products to Product Comparison to analyse the specifications and find the differences between products. Attributes can also be really helpful when customers are comparing your product to a product on offer by a competitor. Seeing products side by side will allow your customers to make more educated decisions about suitability for purpose and, therefore, value for money.

Understanding how to use attribute groups and attributes with your products will increase customer satisfaction and therefore conversion.

Let's start with an example. I have two similar products I am promoting in my store. An iMac and the newer iMac Retina. 

I requested the specifications from the manufacturer, which they happily supplied. They both have a set of specifications that I think should be attributes in the store.

We need to sort these specifications into a hierarchical structure. Without structure, you can’t compare products to each other, you just have a big, messy list of product specifications. 

So the first thing we have to do is decide how to group the attributes and what to call the Attribute Groups. In this example, I decided to create three attribute groups that I think will fit what I am trying to do nicely:

  1. Display
  2. Specification
  3. Storage

Now I need to extract the Attributes from the specifications given to me by the supplier. Let's take the values under Display for example.

  • 21.5" is the Screen Size
  • LED Backlit can by described as the Type of Display

So for my store, I will use:

  • Display as an Attribute Group
  • Screen Size and Type as Attributes
  • 21.5" and LED Backlit as Attribute Values.

I did exactly the same with the rest of my specifications to come up with Processor, Performance, Size and Type as my last attributes. The Attribute Structure is set up globally for your store, so it is good practice to map it out. The values will change depending on the product of course. Here is our final map: 


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