Assigning Attributes

To assign Attributes and Values to a product, we need to get to the Product Edit Screen.

You get there by navigating to Product Catalogue > Products and then clicking Edit on the product you want.

Then navigate to the Attribute tab. The Blue Add (+) Attribute Group and Add (+) Attribute buttons allow you to add them from within the product screen.

The buttons open up the relevant pages in a pop-up window so you can add to it without leaving the product page.

Once you have created the new Attributes or Attribute Groups, close the popup window. Make sure you hit Save & Keep Editing  in the top right corner of the product page after creating a new Attribute or Attribute Group. That way, it will be available for selection in the dropdown menu.

You should see a big green label Add All Attributes From. Under this button is a dropdown list that contains all the Attribute Groups that we have set up.

Let's select Display. It will populate our Size and Type attributes automatically.

The drop down box in the Text column is populated with all the default Attribute Values we have setup. Just select the appropriate value to assign.

Now use the same steps to assign the Specification and Storage attributes and values.

To see what adding attributes looks like in the store, navigate to your store front by selecting the building icon from the top menu and selecting the right store from the drop down list.

On the iMac Product Page, you can see the addition of a Specification Tab, which contains all the Attribute Groups, Attributes, and Attribute Values we set up.

We mentioned at the start of this tutorial that customers have the option to add products to Product Comparison to analyse the specifications and find the differences between products.

This is where the real value of attributes comes in, so let’s compare the two products we added attributes to, the iMac and the iMac Retina.

Depending on your theme and settings, you may see a confirmation message with a link to the Product Comparison Page. Otherwise, you can select Product Comparison from the store's main menu.

And here is our final result. Not all the product information is completed in our test store, but you can see how easy it is to compare these two iMacs on their Attributes.

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