Product Enrichment

Product Data Enrichment is all about improving the data you have available on your products. It's about enhancing the quality and richness of your product information.

Product Data Enrichment is a Value Adding process; it provides more information about your products to your customers. You could see it as providing a comprehensive education on each product. It allows your customers to feel confident that they are buying the right product for their needs.

Shoppers should never have leave your store to find important product information.

Your product information should:

  • Answer all the questions shoppers might have
  • Alleviate any doubt about product choice
  • Convince shoppers of the value of this product
  • Never contain any misleading information

The conversion rate of your online store is directly linked to the quality of the product data you make available.

We have divided Product Data Enrichment into 2 categories:

Admin Data Enrichment - Focused on adding data that will make it easier to manage your online store. Some examples:

  • Adding Product Identifiers (SKU/EAN)
  • Adding Options
  • Adding Attributes
  • Add Dimensions and Weight (Shipping)
  • Adding Cost Price (Profit Reporting)
  • Set Inventory Tracking
  • Set replenishment levels (Purchase Orders)

Customer Data Enrichment - Focused on giving the customer enough data to make an informed buying decision. Some examples:

  • Product Description
  • Warranty data
  • Parts lists
  • Additional Images
  • Videos
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
  • User Manuals

You should already be familiar with Editing a product in your store. If you are not sure or you feel you need a refresher, please have a look at the CREATING A NEW PRODUCT tutorial first. It covers how to add, copy, and delete products.

It also walks you through the Product Details page, covers the 'floating' action buttons and the tabs available for each product.

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