Purchase Order Delivery Tracking

Just like your customers can track their orders online, you can track delivery of your Purchase Orders. Every Purchase Order email can be sent to suppliers with a unique, encrypted tracking link. You can control which emails this is included in by using the tracking link shortcode on the Email Templates tab in Purchase Orders > Settings.

Whenever your supplier clicks this link, they navigate to a unique tracking form for that Purchase Order. Every product line on the Purchase Order has a spot for a tracking number and an associated carrier to make the system as flexible as possible.

The Carrier dropdown list contains all the carriers you have previously setup.

For deliveries that are shipped with a single carrier using a single tracking number, your supplier can enter the Tracking Number and Carrier on the top line, then click the Use First Values for All button to copy that information to every other line on the Purchase Order.

By clicking Confirm Order Shipment, the supplier confirms that all the product lines that have a Tracking Number and a Transport Company, are now shipped.

The supplier will receive a confirmation email from your store that the tracking information was received and processed successfully.

Once every product on the order is shipped by your supplier, the status on the Purchase Order automatically updated to the Shipped Status you selected in Purchase Orders > Settings > General Settings.

At any time, you can check the Tracking Status of a Purchase Order by clicking on the Tracking Link in the PO list.

It clearly states which lines the supplier has shipped, which carrier was used, and on which date. If you use a tracking URL, the system will create a unique link based on the Tracking URL you assigned to the carrier and the Tracking Number the supplier entered.

If the carrier used for the delivery does not have any delivery tracking capability, you can still use this system to track when your Purchase Orders have been shipped. However;

  • You will not be able to generate a unique link for detailed progress on the delivery
  • The order status will not be automatically updated to a Shipped Status
  • The Supplier will not get a confirmation email of the shipment from your store

You will see when the supplier stated they shipped the order and which transport company they used.

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