First Time Use

The first time you use the Profit Module, you have to set the Actual Product Costs on all previous orders to make reporting accurate.

To use this function, you must complete all product costs (and option costs) on the product form page or using the Import/Export function.

Make sure you make a backup before you do this! (Toolbox > Backup & Restore)

 All Product Costs and Prices are stored in the arp_product table, so it really is the only table we need to back up. By default all the tables are selected, so let's Unselect All.

Select the arp_product table and click Backup in the top right-hand corner.

The backup file will be named: yourstorename_date/timestamp_backup.sql

If you need to restore the backup that you made, navigate to Toolbox > Backup & Restore.

Click on Choose File, then browse to and select the backup sql file.

You should see a confirmation message that the file has been successfully and applied.

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