The Profit Module gathers the crucial data that feeds our Advanced Reporting Suite. The reports, in turn, give insight into which products are performing, and which are not.

Ultimately, much of your eCommerce success relies on having the right product range in stock. The Profit Module, combined with the Advanced Reports, show your product range strengths and weaknesses so you know where to focus and where to improve.

Reporting and effective metrics are vital to running your eCommerce business. The Profit Module is the core of our Advanced Report Suite and it provides insights that contain a wealth of information about your sales, your customers and your products.
While it will not replace Profit & Loss reporting for your business, the data generated by our Profit Module, allows you to make informed decisions about which products to stock and it will give you real-time indications of the success of your store.
When installed, the profit module calculates product cost, payment cost (optional) and shipping cost (optional) as your customers move through the checkout process.
Changes in cost will not impact or reflect on previous orders. This will provide historically accurate data for profit reporting.

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