Adding Extra Costs

If you incur any additional cost when processing an order, you can add these in the Extra Costs Tab. These extra costs can be Fixed or Variable, based on the total order value.


In the above example 200:1 the first number indicates the order total ($), the second is the extra cost ($). So, orders up to up to $200.00 will record an additional cost of $1.00 against them. You can enter as many rates as apply by comma separating them. If, in the configuration of the example above, the order exceeds $500.00, the system will record an extra cost of $2.00 against the order.


Technically speaking, all extra costs are variable. To get around this, we simply use a ridiculously high order cost, as per the Flat Rate Shipping, for example, $99999999, to ensure that all orders are covered. So to add a fixed $10.00 to each order, you would configure the extra cost rate as per below example.

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