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Our Profit Module makes some additions to the Product Details page in your store. We will assume for now that you are already familiar with the page itself, so let's quickly look at the changes.


At the product level, you can select the Costing Method, either Fixed or Average:

With the Average Cost Method, Restock Product Cost will be calculated automatically.

To update the stock quantity, regardless of costing method used, set the Restock Quantity with the number of products that you are adding to inventory, and New Stock Quantity will also be calculated automatically showing you the total inventory you now have for that product.

What if you accidentally saved the wrong Restock Product Cost and/or Restock Quantity?

Easy, just set and save the same value for Restock Product Cost and the same value as you previously accidentally added, but negative for Restock Quantity. This effectively balances the error. Then go ahead and set the right values.


The Options follow a very similar model. You can set the difference in cost for each option as you would set differences in price, weight and points for each option.


Here you will find historic data of Restock Quantity, New Quantity, Restock Cost, New Cost and New Price for product and every product option. We record the date and time of each change.

Data can be filtered by Statistical Range or Custom Date Range. If your product has Options, you can also refine it by Product Option.

The Product History captures updates to Product Quantity, Product Cost and Product Price.


Here we display the sales history for the product (and options if they exist).

Data can be filtered by Statistical RangeCustom Date RangeOrder Status and by Product Options (again, if they exist).

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