Importing & Exporting

A new addition to the Profit Module is an Advanced Import and Export extension. This is useful if you want to do updates to the cost price or costing methods to a large number of products. You can export and import Stock QuantityProduct Cost and Product Price (and if they exist, Options too). Once your changes are made as per the below instructions, you will be able to import the changes to the system.

The export also offers the option to set your pricing by percentage.


Toolbox > Profit Module Core > Export

STEP 1 -­ Select what you want to export. Do you want to export everything, or filter your products to a specific Category, Manufacturer or Product Status?

STEP 2 -­ You can apply rounding to the Retail Price in the spreadsheet you are about to export. By default, the export will not apply any rounding. There is a lot of published research around how your customers perceive prices, for example, $1.99 is associated with spending $1 rather than $2. Customers are catching on quick and it seems that the latest trends place more trust in simple pricing, so preferring $2 over $1.99

If you apply any rounding in your pricing model, you can duplicate it here with the available rounding choices.

STEP 3 -­ Click "Export" and open the spreadsheet in Excel (or similar spreadsheet software)

The spreadsheet contains formulas for the calculations of New Stock QuantityNew CostNew Price and Profit. These calculations match the calculations the module performs when used in your store. You SHOULD NOT edit (Columns J, N, S, and T)!

You CAN edit fields with a blueredgreen, or grey background. They are Subtract, Restock Quantity, Average Cost, Restock Cost, Cost Multiplier, Price Multiplier, Set Price, and Comment (Columns G, I, K, M, P, Q, R, and U).

Let's quickly have a look at all the fields in the spreadsheet:

Product ID, Option ID, Product Name, Product Option, SKU and Model (Columns A-­‐F) are the reference fields used to update products. You SHOULD NOT edit these fields!

Subtract (Column G): Set it to "Y" (yes) if you want to subtract stock, or set it to "N" (no) if you don't want to subtract stock.

Actual Quantity (Column H): Actual quantity of product or product options at the time of the export. DO NOT edit.

Restock Quantity (Column I): Set restock amount of product or product options. Value can be positive or negative.

New Stock Quantity (Column J): This value is calculated. DO NOT edit.

New Stock Quantity = Actual Quantity + Restock Quantity

Costing Method (Column K) you CAN edit. To use Average Cost Method, set to "AVCO". For Fixed Cost Method, set to "FXCO" Actual Cost (Column L): actual cost of the product at the time of export. DO NOT edit.

Restock Cost (Column M): The cost associated to restock the product. You CAN edit.

New Cost (Column N): This is calculated based on the selected costing method, DO NOT edit.

Actual Price (Column O): Actual price of the product at the time of export. DO NOT edit.

Cost Multiplier

(Column P): Set the value of the multiplier to calculate the new Product Cost. For example: for a 25% increase in product cost, set value to 1.25.

You CAN edit this.
New Price = New Cost * 1.25

Price Multiplier (Column Q): Set value of the multiplier for retail price increase or decrease. You CAN edit this.

For a price increase of 5%, set value of the multiplier to 1.05
New Price = Actual Price * 1.05
For a price decrease of 5%, set value of the multiplier to 0.95
New Price = Actual Price * 0.95
Set Price (Column R): Set retail price value directly.  You CAN edit this.
New Price = Set Price

New Price (Column S): This value is calculated automatically and will be rounded using the selected rounding method, as selected before export. DO NOT edit.

Profit (Column T): This value is calculated automatically.  DO NOT edit.
Profit = New Price - New Cost


Toolbox > Profit Module Core > Import

STEP 1 -­ Save your updated spreadsheet and select it for import.

STEP 2 -­ Click on import button. If you see a success message, everything has been updated without issues.

Note: You cannot add or delete products or product options using this import/export function.

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