Product Reviews

Your online store has a facility that allows customers to write reviews on your products that can then be published on that product’s page or category page listing for other visitors to see. Whether or not product reviews can be used in your store is set in your system settings. If reviews are available you then have to approve each review before it will appear to the public. There are many marketing benefits of using product reviews. If you elected not to allow product reviews when we first built your store, but you would now like to use them, please get in touch so we can turn them on for you.



Customers can submit reviews from the product page by filling out the form on the Reviews tab, you can also elect to allow guests to leave reviews. By default, it will not appear as a review on the product until it has been approved by a store administrator.

When a customer has submitted a review form, you will get an alert on the top right-hand side of your admin pages. You can also elect to be sent an email notification of a new review.

You can navigate to the Manage Reviews section by either clicking on the Reviews notification shown above, or by using the side menu bar and navigating to Product Catalogue > Manage Reviews.

You have an overview of all product reviews in the system on a dashboard which can be filtered by product, status, order or date. They can also be deleted by ticking the select box in the first column, and pressing the red delete button on the top right-hand side of the screen.


To enable the reviews, click the blue pencil edit icon beside the review. It will open the review in edit mode, allowing you to make changes where absolutely necessary, and change the Disabled status to Enabled to allow the review to appear on the site. Don't forget to click the blue save icon in the top right-hand corner when you're finished.

A VERY important note: Unless it is absolutely necessary, we advise against making any changes to a review. There are serious financial penalties for misleading your consumers, not to mention it makes you look really bad.

AUTHOR: The customer's name appears here as they entered it.

PRODUCT: The name of the product that the customer wrote the review about is auto-generated in this field.

TEXT: This box contains the review comments the customer wrote. You will see that it is not formatted and for a long review this lack of formatting can make it difficult to read. It is a security feature of your online store to not allow any code to be entered during a customer review.

RATING: When your customer wrote the review they were asked to rate the product in a range of Bad to Good using a five-step scale. Each of the steps is represented by a corresponding star count. If they clicked on the leftmost radio button the review will award the product one star. If they clicked on the rightmost radio button, the result will be five stars. An aggregate of all available reviews is visible from the category page.

STATUS: The status is set to Disabled until manually changed. When set to Enabled it will publish to the product page, and be visible from the categories page.


When customers send you an email or letter or give you a review on social media, you can add them to a product review yourself. You can even use this function for staff reviews, but you should make sure that you present this in an honest and transparent way and not pass it off as a customer review.

To add a review from the backend click on the blue add symbol on the top right-hand side of the Product Reviews dashboard. This brings up an edit screen.

The screen is the same as for the edit product review page. Simply add the details, select the relevant product and save before exiting.

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