As a general rule, manufacturers are not compulsory. You can set up your products and display them in your store without having manufacturers. There is one exception: If you use our Purchase Order Replenishment Module, using manufacturers is required.

We do think it is important that you add manufacturers to your store. Why?

Manufacturers provide the brands that you stock. Especially if these are well-known brands, they have already built a level of trust with their customers.

If shoppers already know and trust a brand that you sell, that trust will likely extend to your store and your brand.

A particular brand might even be the reason that shoppers found your store in the first place, so in a way you can leverage off their marketing. The other thing adding a manufacturer does is give customers a different way of navigating your site. Instead of going through all the products and categories you have available, they can browse just the products from that brand they know and love.

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