Assigning a Manufacturer

Assigning a manufacturer to a product is very quick and easy. You do this from the Product Details page.

Navigate to Product Catalogue > Products to get to our product list, then select the product we want and click Edit.

On the Links tab, select the manufacturer from the autocomplete drop down list.

If the manufacturer has not been set up yet, you can use the Add button to add it in a popup window.

Like before, all you really need to add is a Name. Add all the information you want, save the changes and close the popup window.

You will then need to Save & Keep Editing for the new manufacturer to be available in the autocomplete drop down list.

The manufacturer is now set up in the store and available as a link named Brands in the footer of your store.

The Brand page displays the Manufacturer Description we entered and all the products assigned to it. In this case, we have only assigned a single product to Apple.

On the iMac product page, the brand is now displayed, and so is the Apple logo. Clicking the brand link or the logo, will take us to Apple's brand page again.

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